Nickname Gus
First seen Three Is a Charm
Last seen Solo Sorceress
Portrayer Unknown

Gus is one of the three main characters of the show, along with Cassy and Verne, who uses UBOS to travel to center of the Earth to stop Zarlak, a evil dark wizard.

Series Edit

He is half Elf. He is quite confident but sometimes acts childishly. He at first looks down on Verne due to his "mortie" status, but Verne manages to redeem himself.

It is revealed in "Magical Quest" that he is related to a werewolf. Because he is half elf he is attracted to anything shiny, and when he sees something shiny, he goes, "Ohhhh sparklies". This usually makes Verne have to pull on his hood to keep him out of trouble. He has the ability to imitate voices without the assistance of magic. Gus's family symbol is a green star which is displayed on his shirt.