Nickname Mortie (often times derisively, sometimes not)
First seen Three Is a Charm
Last seen Solo Sorceress
Portrayer Unknown

Verne is one of the three main characters of the show, along with Gus and Cassy, who uses UBOS to travel to center of the Earth to stop Zarlak, a evil dark wizard.

Verne often acts as the viewpoint protagonist as the audience surrogate; he experiences things that are as new to him as they are new to the audience watching, and both learn of the show's world together.

Series Edit

Verne is a mortal, but he displays magical powers and can naturally mend electronic devices. Because of his mortal status, he is called a "Mortie". At some points, he is quite cowardly and is surprised by almost anything that involves magic.

He is quite skilled at Techno Magic which is good for putting ordinary electronics and/or mechanical devices together to make all sorts of useful gadgets. At times, he will mess up a spell that does not involve Techno Magic, often with embarrassing results. He came to the school on a scholarship, at first initially repulsed by the idea of magic and wanting nothing to do with it. He shares a room with Gus. It is later discovered that he is a descendant of the great wizard Merlin because of the sparkle in their eyes and their last names being the same. Verne is given the symbol of three wands united by Cassy later on in the series